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Senior Marketer Appointed at Freeplay Energy

Freeplay Energy plc Press Release - 6/22/2007

Rahul Sharma to fill newly created role of VP Marketing & Internet Channel

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Freeplay Energy has this month appointed Rahul Sharma in the newly created role of VP Marketing & Internet Channel. The appointment reflects the company’s commitment to global expansion with emphasis on brand, marketing and e-retail effectiveness.

Sharma is an experienced marketing architect with a background in product goods and technology marketing, having spearheaded successful campaigns and product launches for Procter & Gamble, Microsoft Xbox and Shaw Cablesystems’ On Demand Television Services. He will be a member of the Group Leadership Team, reporting directly to Peter Porteous, CEO.

Porteous comments; “We are very pleased with our momentum in securing key retailer partner support around the globe. Our task now is to tell the Freeplay Energy story and generate consumer interest and traffic for our retail partners. Rahul brings with him tremendous experience and personal passion to help propel our brand. Freeplay Energy has been a technology leader for the past decade and we are anxious to pair that with marketing muscle and innovation.”

Based in Toronto, Sharma will have global responsibility for building on the success of the business, which is already working with retail partners such as John Lewis, Maplins, Marks & Spencer, REI, Target, Mountain Equipment Co-op, The Sharper Image and Cape Union Mart.

Sharma comments, “Freeplay Energy has an incredible amount of social equity, and is very well positioned in an increasingly important category of clean energy products. I’m excited about building a global brand that is helping bring solutions to address real consumer needs around the world. Freeplay Energy has been a technology leader and has the right platform to meet today’s ever growing demand for eco friendly products”.

About Freeplay Energy plc

Freeplay Energy plc is the original and leading global brand of clean, dependable energy products. Freeplay Energy’s clean, patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable, consumer products replacing conventional disposable battery-powered systems that are environmentally toxic and expensive. The current product range includes radios, torches, lanterns, mobile phone chargers and standalone foot powered generators.

Freeplay Energy’s “Lifeline” radio is distributed throughout the developing world by The Freeplay Foundation ( and other AID and Humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF and other United Nations’ agencies. Further information about Freeplay Energy plc and its products can be found at

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