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LightCAP®: The Water Bottle with a Light Inside!

Simply Brilliant, LLC Press Release - 6/25/2007

The patented LightCap combines a water bottle AND a sealed, solar-powered LED light in the cap.

Sollight's LightCAP®

Sollight's LightCAP®

HOOD RIVER, Or. - There’s one thing that’s always nice take along whether you’re going out for a short walk or an extended trip: a water bottle. You also might bring along a flashlight or headlamp, especially for overnight trips. But often you forget or simply don’t feel you need to bring a light along on a day trip. Until you find yourself stumbling back in the dark because you stayed on top of that hill for sunset (oops…) or took a wrong fork in the trail (oops…). Boy…. sure would be nice to have a light along…..

Now you can have both: a strong, light-weight, ergonomic, cool looking polycarbonate water bottle AND a flashlight. All in one! Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about turning it on and having dead batteries (oops….).

The patented LightCap combines a water bottle AND a sealed, solar-powered LED light in the cap. Simply set it in the sun (or hang it from your pack when hiking) and it will charge all day long. When you need an emergency light… you have it! There’s a switch for both a red bulb (preserves your night vision) or white bulb (bright enough for reading).

The combination of our tiny, high-output, lightweight solar panel, rechargeable power system and bright LED bulbs enables the LightCap to give up to eight hours of useful illumination anywhere you need it. The two internal, replaceable, rechargeable NiCad batteries will fully charge with just eight hours of sunshine. The bulbs are guaranteed for 50,000 hours and the charging system for a minimum of 1,000 cycles.

Perhaps the best part about the LightCap is that it is also a lantern for your backyard, campsite, picnic table or tent. No more noisy, smelly gas lantern or dim battery powered lamp (until the batteries die); no more holding a flashlight in one hand and your hotdog in the other…. with a LightCap, the problem is solved! And unlike candles, the LightCap won’t cause a fire or blow out in the wind.

We started from scratch in designing our bottle. First, the waist of the tough, polycarbonate bottle is tapered so small hands can easily grab it. If your hands are wet, cold or greasy, it won’t slip out (and go flying down the mountain). The outer surfaced has a textured finish to make it even easier to hold; the texture also helps disburse the light from the cap. Set it on it’s side and it won’t roll around due to the flat panels on each side. And, the 3” diameter bottle opening is exactly the right size to drink from without dribbling (unlike all the other bottles out there). The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and dry.

Hold the bottle in the middle and aim the bottom outward and you have an emergency flashlight! The polycarbonate material is super strong and clear so you can see what’s inside, and how much of it.

The cap (which includes the totally sealed solar panel and rechargeable light circuit) weights only a few ounces more than a regular cap and is attached to the bottle so you can’t lose it. Leave the red light on at night so you can find your water bottle in the dark—no more thrashing around in piles of clothes and food.

How many times have you been in a hotel room and tried to find the bathroom at night…. or even the light switch? It is rare indeed that there is any sort of night light in a small inn, lodge or even luxury hotel. Next time you travel, throw in a LightCap and you’ll never be in the dark again.

Perhaps most important, the LightCap is your safety light in case of fire or other emergency when the electricity goes out. Find the window, find the door, find your escape in a totally dark room. Fully charge a LightCap before beginning your trip and you’ll have a traveling nightlight for several days of use (red bulb). LightCaps make great gifts for family members, your frequent-traveler friends, kids, grand parents or anyone, whether they travel or not. And you’ll NEVER need to worry about replacing the bulbs or batteries.

Keep one in your car and you’ll have an emergency light in case your battery dies; with both a red and white bulb you’ll be extra safe. Switch from the long-lasting red LED (up to 8 hours of continuous light) to the bright white LED (up to 3 hours of light) or turn it off altogether to conserve the charging system.

Keep a couple LightCaps on your boat or in your RV and you won’t have to worry about running down your battery. Charge it from inside or outside during the day and have a cool, convenient, windproof light for eating, reading or just hanging out.

The LightCap water bottle is available at most outdoor stores and catalogs such as L.L. Bean, R.E.I. and Real Goods, and on-line at For just $24.95 there’s no reason NOT to always carry BOTH a water bottle AND light along no matter where you’re going!

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