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Omega Electronics Intros SURG Battery-Free Products

Omega Electronics Press Release - 6/26/2007

Canadian electronics distributor adds dynamo and shake lights and radios to product line-up

SURG Battery-Free Products from Omega Electronics

SURG Battery-Free Products from Omega Electronics

TORONTO, Canada - Omega Electronics has announced the new SURG line of products, all of which operate sans batteries. Products include radios that power up via hand cranking; flashlights that turn on by shaking them; and butane-powered portable burners.

The AM/FM radio features ultra-bright flashlights that are charged via the hand crank-powered Dynamo. Cranking it up for 90 seconds, and the radio will provide up to 25 minutes of listening time. Alternatively, it can be used with a battery back-up or DC adapter. The splash-proof radios also include LCD clocks with alarms, and earphone jacks.

To power the Eternity flashlight, shake it ruggedly for about 30 seconds: this will induce enough voltage in the internal magnetic coil for about five minutes of light. The three super-bright LEDs within the flashlight never need to be replaced, says Omega; and the flashlight will float on water.

The butane burners are lightweight and portable for easy transporting. They can reach a working temperature of 1300°C, and can be easily re-filled with butane.

SURG products range in price from $9.99 to $49.99.

About Omega Electronics

Omega Electronics is a privately owned Canadian company which has supplied after-market Consumer Electronic Accessories to the Canadian marketplace since 1978. With offices located in Toronto and Vancouver, our customers include some of Canada's largest and most respected retailers and national distributors.

For more information about the company and its products, please visit:

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