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SolLight Introduces
Solar-Powered LidLight

Solar-Powered LidLight™ Adds Bright Light Inside Any Cartop Box Or Any Other Container With A Lid

Simply Brilliant, LLC Press Release - 6/29/2007

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SolLight's LidLight Solar-Powered LED Light System

SolLight's LidLight Solar-Powered LED Light System

HOOD RIVER, Or. - Cartop boxes are great. You can stuff them with all sorts of paraphernalia and keep it dry, safe, out of the way, and instantly accessible. But can you find what you're looking for at night or in a dark garage???

Home refrigerators used to have the same attributes - handy and functional, but difficult to see what you're looking for at night. Then someone had a brilliant idea: let's add a light. Voilá! You can see inside!

SolLight™, the company that invented the LightCap™ (tiny solar-powered LED light system contained in a unique water-bottle cap), RailLight™ (solar LED marine and deck light) and LightShip™ (solar LED emergency/safety/night light that sticks to any window), now brings you the LidLight™ - a solar-powered LED light that easily installs on any cartop box to add a bright, dependable light to your gear storage.

The LidLight (patent pending) features five (5) super-bright LEDs (light emitting diodes) powered by a 900mA NiMH rechargeable battery (replaceable) that is charged by the lightweight, integrated solar-panel mounted on the outside of the box. The LEDs are oriented to provide complete illumination of your box on both ends and sides. The design is sleek and aerodynamic, protruding just one inch above the surface of your box.

The LidLight installs quickly and easily: just cut a small 1 3/4" hole in the top of your box (a hole-saw that attaches to any electric or hand drill is included with the LidLight), install the threaded solar-panel/light module from the top, and tighten with the water-tight retaining nut from the bottom. The integrated sealing gaskets provide for a no-leak installation that takes just a couple of minutes. Clean, easy, safe, cool looking, essential.

The LidLight contains a tiny tilt-switch that automatically turns the light on when you open your box, and turns it off when you close it. With just a three hour charge of sunlight the LidLight will last for several days of use. But since it's mounted on the top of your box, it's always charging! No more expensive, wasteful batteries to go dead. The LidlLight solar power system will last at least 1,000 cycles and the LEDs will light for over 50,000 hours.

Best of all, of course, you can finally see what the heck is in your box when you're car camping in the woods or just looking for that missing ski pole in your driveway late at night. Open the lid all the way and the LidLight will even light up a small area around your vehicle. No more looking for a flashlight, trying to hold it in your teeth while rummaging about, or discovering that the batteries are dead. With a LidLight, you've always got light exactly where you need it.

You can also mount a LidLight anywhere you need a handy light in any container with a lid: pickup truck bed tool boxes, home wood boxes, kids toy boxes, tool chests, boat hatches and dockboxes, emergency storm shelters, coolers and food boxes, outdoor storage bench seats - use your imagination. No wires, no battery drain, no dangerous electricity. Simply Brilliant!

The tough, polycarbonate LidLight sells for just $39.95 and is available on the internet ( or by phone (888-557-6464) and at REI, West Marine and many fine automotive, bicycle, marine and outdoor stores. Get a LidLight and you'll never be in the dark again.

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