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SolLight Introduces Solar-Powered LightShip™

Simply Brilliant, LLC, Press Release - 7/03/2007

Solar-powered stick-on light let's you put light virtually antwhere!

SolLight's LightShip™ Solar Powered Nightlight

SolLight's LightShip™ Solar Powered Nightlight

HOOD RIVER, Or. - Are you looking for a nightlight in your boat, RV, camper, kid's room or bathroom but don't want to use up your only electric outlet or waste electricity? Would a nightlight be handy in that long hallway but there isn't an electric outlet? How about by your front door? Or does your young child want a nightlight in their room but you don't want to risk having them play with a deadly 110v electric fixture?

Finally there's an answer: just stick a bright, solar-powered LightShip® anywhere you want light. Stick it to the inside of any window with good sun access and it will charge enough for up to eight hours of light in only 4-5 hours (depending on the sun). The weatherproof, lightweight 8oz. unit contains a tiny solar panel, rechargeable NiMH battery (replaceable) and super-efficient LED bulbs. The three suction cups will securely attach it to any smooth surface.

Put one near any door, stairs, your electric panel, in any bathroom or hallway-anywhere there's a nearby clear glass window to stick it to. Get several and keep your camper, trailer, boat or cabin well lit with absolutely no energy draw! You can even attach one to a window for charging during the day, then move it to where ever you need it at night.

Your kids will love the spaceship design and you'll love the fact that they're safe. Click the switch to the red LED when you want to preserve your night vision or just add some ambience; click to the bright white LEDs when you really need to see; or turn it off altogether if you want total darkness. The built-in light sensor automatically turns the LightShip off whenever there's enough available light for charging.

The LightShip is made from tough polycarbonate, has an internal reflector as well as fresnel-type lens, and is available in 6 colors: Ruby Red, Topaz Blue, Diamond Yellow, Emerald Green, Amethyst Purple, and Quartzite Pink. For just $14.95 you can have a safe, energy-efficient night-light virtually anywhere.

To order direct just go to or call 888-557-6464.

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