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Outdoors Merchant Introduces
Long Lasting, Eco-Friendly Lantern

LightsAndKnives.Com Press Release - 7/27/2007

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Lighting options for outdoors enthusiasts has just gotten better thanks to a new eco-friendly lantern now being offered for sale by, a distributor of high quality environmentally friendly goods and supplies.

LED Lenser TT7105 from

LED Lenser TT7105 from

PORTLAND, Or. - Outdoorsmen concerned about their personal environmental impact are welcoming a new lighting product that promises to provide exceptional illumination with a minimum influence on nature. Portland, Oregon-based sporting goods distributor, LightsAndKnives.Com, has introduced the LED Lenser TT7105, a long lasting, energy efficient lantern perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Available online through the retailer's website, the lantern has been designed for a long life, just the type of product any environmentally conscious consumer desires.

"There are a couple of good reasons why this lantern is one of the most eco-friendly developments in camping and outdoor portable lighting," stated Rob Willhite, Business Development Manager of DLK at LightsAndKnives.Com. "First, with American consumers concerned about the long-term durability of their purchases, particularly relating to wasteful consumption, the majority of products currently available are still considered to be "disposable". The LED Lenser TT7105 is not a cheap lantern that will end up in the trash or be placed in the back of a garage never to be used again. This product has been built to last and it is backed by the famous Coast LED Lenser Lifetime Guarantee. Second, because of it's high efficiency LED, the product uses much less energy than standard battery powered lanterns, producing as much as 200 hours of illumination from just one set of batteries," added Willhite.

Weighing just 4 lbs, 4 oz and standing 10.5 inches high, the LED Lenser TT7105 produces 70 lumens of power and comes with a dimmer switch that is ideal for tent camping and for preserving energy. A built-in battery indicator tells users how much energy is left and the unit utilizes a patented reflector technology to produce a powerful light without a bulb. The device's lighting compares favorably to kerosene lanterns without the hissing, odor, or need for additional parts. The lantern has been designed with an LED light source which has a service life of up to 100,000 hours, which totals over ten years of continuous use, far beyond the lifespan of the average outdoor lighting unit.

The LED Lenser's handle can easily be converted to a hook, perfect for easy overhead illumination. Besides camping, the lantern can be a helpful and cost effective device for power outages, storms, backyard parties, and road emergencies. The lantern's push-button illumination along with its weatherproof and shatterproof features makes the LED Lenser a responsible choice when it comes to outdoors lighting.

About LightsAndKnives.Com

LightsAndKnives.Com is a leading online retailer of discount LED lights and knives. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company offers LED lighting options for general, professional, tactical, and outdoors use. Columbia sporting gear, whimsical Moppels, home lighting products, and kitchen cutlery are just a few of the many products sold by the retailer.

For more information, visit the company's website at: www.LightsAndKnives.Com.

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