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Intelligent Optical Systems Inc. Press Release - 8/16/2007

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Non-Lethal Defense System for Law Enforcement and Anti-Terrorism Efforts

LED Incapacitator (LEDI) from Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.

LED Incapacitator (LEDI)
from Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Ca. - A non-lethal defense system developed by Intelligent Optical Systems Inc. offers a highly practical and non-harmful solution for law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts by temporarily and safely disorienting and confusing criminals with dazzling light-emitting diode technology.

LEDI can be packaged in many forms including one that looks like a large flashlight.

“The device doesn’t injure you which is in stark contrast to the tasers used in similar situations today that can cause serious harm. This is a defense technology, not a weapon,” said John Farina, CEO of Intelligent Optical Systems Inc., a Torrance, California research and development business that invented the LEDI. “The intention of this project from the beginning has been to create a non-violent, non-lethal defense system. Attackers may develop a headache or even become physically ill, but there is no harm to the eyes.”

The scientists of the 40-person research and development lab at Intelligent Optical Systems were awarded a $1 million contract by the Department of Homeland Security to develop the device using their advanced optics technology expertise.

The company’s advanced optics technology expertise is being incorporated into 20 projects with a wide range of applications, including natural gas detection for subway systems, strength assessment of steel beams used in bridges and other infrastructure, as well as optical imaging systems that allow you to determine what someone is carrying under their clothes. “We are working with the Institute of Non-Lethal Defense Technology at Pennsylvania State University, which is testing the LEDI for all potential side effects,” added Farina. “While not yet in production, Intelligent Optical Systems will work to secure government, law enforcement and industry partners to develop the LEDI technology based on their specifications and needs.”

About Intelligent Optical Systems Inc.

Intelligent Optical Systems Inc. (IOS) is a research and development company with a ten-year track record creating innovative projects that use advanced optical technologies. Financed by government and industry contracts, the company focuses on physical, chemical, remote sensing and biological sensing instrumentation for homeland security, biotechnology, medical, aerospace, environmental and industrial control. In addition, Intelligent Optical Systems will take technologies developed in their labs to fully-functioning products based on customer specifications.

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