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Cliplight Manufacturing Inc. Press Release - 8/22/2007

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Cliplight's New HEMIPRO™ LED Work Lights Out-Shine, Out-Last, & Out-Perform Other Task Lights in HVAC/R and Plumbing

HEMIPRO™ LED Worklights from Cliplight

HEMIPRO™ LED Worklights from Cliplight

TORONTO, Canada. - Cliplight Manufacturing Inc., Toronto, a leading manufacturer of HVAC/R tool/service products, introduces the HEMIPRO™ series of high intensity, cordless LED work lights with a patent-pending hemispherical lens that evenly illuminate wider areas without hotspots, dim areas, or halo rings.

The two-SKU series' 13.5-inch-long HEMIPRO 2-LED and 15-inch-long HEMIPRO 3-LED provide a wide angle 70-degree light beam from 50,000-hour LED lamps that equal the lighting area intensity of a 60-watt and 75-watt conventional light bulb, but are cool-to-the-touch. Both HEMIPRO lights have a long-lasting five-hour and three-hour rechargeable battery life, respectively.

Unlike other task lights, the HEMIPRO carries a one-year warranty and is made to last a lifetime because all vital parts-the durable polycarbonate LUMIGUARD™ lens shield, 2,500 milliamp-hour NiMH battery, and 360-degree swivel hanging hook-are replaceable.

The HEMIPRO lights also have LED's to indicate battery life: yellow (needs charging), red (charging), and green (fully charged). The HEMIPRO is sold with a 110-volt battery charger.

For more information on Cliplight, an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and its HVAC and refrigeration products, please email, call 1-866-548-3644 or visit

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