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Laser Devices Announces
New Tactical Aiming Lasers

Laser Devices, Inc. Press Releases - 8/28/2007

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New High Power Inline and Offset Tactical Aiming Lasers--ITAL-HP & OTAL-HP

Inline Tactical Aiming Laser from Laser Devices, Inc.

Inline Tactical Aiming Laser
from Laser Devices, Inc.

MONTEREY, Ca. - Laser Devices, Inc., manufacturer of state-of-the-art visible and infrared aiming lasers, handheld and weapon-mounted tactical lights and small arms training systems is pleased to announce the new high power models of the Inline and Offset Tactical Aiming Lasers-ITAL-HP and OTAL-HP.

These two new models feature a high power focusable / defocusable infrared (35mW) (835nM) beam. When focused, the beam provides pin-point aiming and pointing. When defocused the beam spreads to provide supplemental infrared illumination for use with night vision devices. Each device is also equipped with a low-power setting to reduce the output power to an eye-safe level for use indoors, at close range and for force-on-force training exercises.

A focusing ring on the front of the housing allows the user to focus or defocus the laser depending on their mission requirements. Defocusing the laser provides supplemental spotlight illumination to search shadowed areas. When the laser is focused to a point it can be used for precise aiming of the firearm or as a target pointer.

The ITAL-HP and OTAL-HP are activated using a remote cable pressure pad switch. This electronic switch allows the user to operate the laser in a momentary mode by pressing and releasing the switch or to instantly activate the laser in a continuous ON mode by tapping the switch twice. A built-in safety circuit automatically turns the laser off after five minutes of continuous activation.

Like the original ITAL and OTAL the ITAL-HP and OTAL-HP are manufactured to meet MIL-STD-810F requirements for reliability under the most adverse environmental conditions from desert heat to arctic cold. Fully waterproof to 3 meters and precision machined from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum, the ITAL-HP and OTAL-HP are virtually indestructible. Powered with a single AA battery, these devices are lightweight-weighing only 6.1 ounces and compact-only 3.7 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.

ITAL-HP and OTAL-HP are available with two mounting options-Quick Release Throw Lever mount or Knurled Thumb Screw mount and supplied with one AA battery and a remote cable pressure pad switch. Optional accessories include pattern generating optics and a diffuser to provide wide area illumination at close range.

ITAL-HP and OTAL-HP are powerful infrared laser devices that are only available to law enforcement and military agencies. In addition they are subject to U.S. Export control through the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations.

About Laser Devices, Inc.

Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI) is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified QMS manufacturer of laser aiming devices and tactical lights for firearms. Founded in 1979, LDI is now known for its expertise in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art visible and infrared laser based aiming devices and small arms training systems used by law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. The Company has expanded its operations to include the production of laser and white light tactical illuminators. LDI holds six (6) U.S. patents for its aiming lasers and tactical lights; and is located in Monterey, California, USA.

For more information, visit the company's website at:

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