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Varta Introduces
15 Minute Ultra Fast Charger

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. Press Release - 9/04/2007

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Thanks to the modern design, the charger is a real eyecatcher and it's fast

15 Minute Ultra Fast Charger by Varta

15 Minute Ultra Fast Charger by Varta

FRANKFURT, Germany - If you want to be the No. 1, you need to be better than all the others – and, even more importantly, faster. By launching the new 15 Minute Ultra Fast Charger, Varta has now succeeded in occupying the pole position in the race for the best charger available on the market. Exhausted 2100 mAh cells require no more than a quarter of an hour in the charger to regain their maximum capacity. Fully charged, they are then ready for action in MP3 players, digicams and other appliances. Varta is thus setting new power stan-dards for the entire industry. After all, the new charger has a lot more to offer than just speediness.

Intelligent technology

No doubt about it – the 15 Minute Ultra Fast Charger has a unique and unequal-led power potential. However, additional qualities are required in order to benefit from its strengths to the greatest possible extent. Besides sophisticated safety mechanisms such as temperature control and a feature to prevent overloading, the smart charger recognises the condition of each individual cell on its own device. This means that the charger gives every rechargeable battery a special treatment – in the case of the cell being empty, the charger operates at full power, but if the rechargeable batteries are still almost full, it carefully provides them with the necessary power. Despite the state-of-the-art technology, han-dling the new Varta charger is child’s play - the clever and fast charger does not work if rechargeables or even conventional batteries are inserted the wrong way around. Four LEDs display the individual charging mode for every individual cell.

First-class sales arguments

Retailers and consumers can rely on the level of quality they are accustomed to on the basis of their experiences with Varta. That is why the specialist in the field of batteries and rechargeables is the only manufacturer in the market to offer three years’ warranty on the charger from the Power Play series– an un-beatable sales argument for retailers. The new high-performance charger which can be used throughout the world is available in two versions with a first-class price-performance ratio. At a price of EUR 39.99, the charger with two 1000 mAh cells (AAA) was specifically designed for fans of MP3 players, which tend to consume plenty of power. Businesspeople and globetrotters who travel a lot may decide to opt for a 15 Minute Ultra Fast Charger featuring four 2,500 mAh cells (AA) and a 12V car adapter for EUR 49.99.

About Varta Consumer Batteries

You need flexibilty and independence? Then you live a lifestyle our products support. Whether you have a digital camera, MP3 player or Gameboy™, VARTA Consumer Batteries, Member of the Spectrum Brands family, delivers precisely the right energy. For almost every need. And with a commitment to new, dynamic and high-performing innovations. Find out about our company, philosophy and innovative strength.

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