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COAST Lanterns Light Way
for Emergency Preparedness

COAST LED Lenser Press Release - 9/05/2007

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Lanterns from COAST LED Lenser recommended for 'Wicked Weather' preparedness

COAST LED Lenser TT7105

COAST LED Lenser TT7105

PORTLAND, Or. - COAST LED Lenser, a handheld LED (light emitting diode) lighting products manufacturer, produces safe, long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lanterns prefect for emergency preparedness kits in both commercial spaces and residential homes. Reliable lighting is a necessity in emergency situations such as hurricanes and other severe weather and extended power outages. COAST's LED Lenser Lanterns offer efficient lighting solutions with a simple push-button operation, available in two sizes: large and personal.

Large Lantern

  • 10.5 inches tall
  • Ideal for large rooms, campsites
  • 80 hours battery life at full light output
  • Up to 200 hours battery life at average light output
  • Powered by four D batteries
  • Weighs 4 lbs. 4 oz.

Personal Lantern

  • Six inches tall
  • Ideal for smaller rooms, tents
  • Nine hours battery life at full power
  • Up to 50 hours battery life at reduced brightness
  • Powered by four AA batteries
  • Weighs 12 oz.

Both lanterns are equipped with dimmer switches to control light output as well as battery life indicators. Lanterns are lightweight, silent, weatherproof and shatterproof.

In addition to a portable light source, emergency preparedness organizations suggest home emergency kits should include six basic elements:

  • Water
  • Food
  • First aid supplies
  • Clothing and bedding
  • Tools and emergency supplies such as a portable radio and waterproof matches
  • Specialty items such as baby formula and medication

COAST LED Outshines the Competition

COAST LED Lenser Lanterns use proprietary Reflector technology to provide incredible brightness and energy efficiency. As a result, LEDs operate at a lower cost and require less energy for brilliant light. COAST LED Lenser Large Lantern can operate up to 80 hours at full brightness with only four D batteries. A standard fluorescent lantern requires 25 D batteries for the same amount of light output and time as COAST’s.

Manufacturer suggested retail price for COAST’s LED Lenser Lanterns is $149.99 for the large lantern; $59.99 for the small lantern.


COAST was founded as Coast Cutlery Company in 1919 by Henry W. Brands, the first of three generations of the Brands family who would operate this Portland manufacturer and distributor.

Originally established to provide quality knives to the farmers, ranchers and workingmen of the Pacific Northwest, today COAST produces sport knives, multi-purpose tools, LED-Lenser lights, PUMA Knives and licensed products for Eddie Bauer. In North and South America, COAST is the exclusive distributor of the German-engineered LED-Lenser lights, which provide superior performance relative to any other LED on the market. Every COAST product reflects an investment in skilled craftsmanship and quality materials and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

For more information on COAST and its products, visit

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