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Cycle Safe at Christmas
with Battery Free Pedal Powered Lights

Pedalite International Ltd Press Release - 9/25/2007

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A unique gift that will improve cycling safety and protect the environment

Pedalite 360 degree pedal lights

Pedalite 360 degree pedal lights

KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, United Kingdom - Dubbed ‘a fantastic product' by Road Cycling UK and promoted by Twice World Champion Cyclist, Tony Doyle, the new award-winning consumer product design of the year, battery-free pedal-powered pedal lights from Pedalite International Ltd make the perfect Christmas gift for cyclists.

Retailing at just £34.99 at good bicycle retailers, and online through the Pedalite ( and other selected websites, the pedal lights make a unique gift that will appeal to all cyclists wanting to improve their on-the-road safety and ensure they can always be seen by motorists.

Based on unique patented technology, the lights are powered by kinetic energy and start flashing as soon as the cyclist starts pedalling.

They provide 360 degree visibility enabling bikes with pedal lights to be seen by motorists from any angle, including, vitally, up to 1km away, from the side, which is a major blind spot and over 75% of accidents involving bicycles in the UK are at road junctions where cycles need to be seen from the side (RoSPA 2005).

The Pedalite 360 degree pedal lights are easy to fit and require no maintenance. They provide essential additional bike lighting to improve visibility and are an essential back up if other battery powered lights fail or are accidentally not turned on. The pedals harvest and store the existing energy that a cyclist uses enabling the lights to uniquely stay on for up to five minutes, even after the pedalling stops, for example, when the cyclist is freewheeling or waiting at a junction.

With no batteries required; pedal lights have excellent ‘green’ credentials and will appeal to those who are environmentally conscious. Globally 15 billion batteries are thrown away each year; in the UK alone that is over 20,000 tonnes of batteries. The dangers and implications of disposing up to 300 million batteries in landfill sites each year are well documented. Pedalite pedals are protecting the environment by eliminating batteries, and are always on to help protect cyclists.

Tony Doyle, MBE and World Champion cyclist commented “Cycling has never been so popular. This year saw the excitement of the Tour de France starting in London. We are seeing record numbers of people taking up cycling because it’s fun, good for health and environmentally friendly. Bikes fitted with pedal lights seem wider to the motorist and cars give them a wider berth, decreasing their chances of accidents and wobble as cars or lorries pass at speed.”

Simon Theobald, Managing Director of Pedalite International added, "As cyclists become more aware of the dangers of riding without suitable lighting on their bikes an increasing number are fitting Pedalite 360 degree pedal lights. These products make a unique Christmas gift, ticking the environmental, safety and health through exercise boxes. Our customers include children buying for parents, grandparents buying for grandchildren, parents buying for the whole family including themselves and corporations buying for all staff.”

“These pedal lights cross over from leisure cycling to commuter cycling through to cycle clubs for evening rides and are not just another high-tech and novel bike accessory – they significantly increasing cycling safety by ensuring cyclists are no longer invisible to cars. They make the perfect gift for any keen cyclist concerned about their safety and the environment,” he added.

The lights are currently being used in 22 countries around the world. In the UK they are used by emergency services, including multiple police forces, commuters, school children, students, cycle clubs, government departments and cycling enthusiasts. In addition major blue chip companies are offering them to their employees as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes.

The pedal lights can be purchased for £34.99 (or US$59.99), together with a specialised toe clip retailing at £6.99 from good bicycle retailers and online through the Pedalite ( and other websites.

Key features of the Pedalite Pedals are:

  • Flashes front, back & sides when pedalling starts for essential 360 degree visibility
  • The only pedal that keeps flashing even when pedalling stops (up to 5 mins.)
  • Visible 1 km away
  • Very simple, standard fit on all adult & child bikes (from age 9)
  • No batteries, no maintenance: fit & forget!
  • Tough & durable with 1 year full warranty
  • Non-slip surface and supergrip studs
  • Make cycles seem wider so motorists give a wider berth to cycles with Pedalite pedals
  • Compatible with Pedalite Toeclip
  • Always on, you never forget to turn them on
  • Unique, patented, technology to help you put safety first

About Pedalite International Ltd

Pedalite International Ltd offers unique battery-free pedal lights that harvest and store the energy that a cyclist uses enabling the lights to stay on for up to five minutes after the pedalling stops such as when freewheeling or waiting at a junction.

In July 2007 Pedalite was acquired by the Mpower1 Group of companies (; a major business development organisation, which has increased investment, accelerated product development, attracted celebrity endorsement for Pedalite products, initiated a major marketing campaign and underwritten the future of Pedalite.

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